"THE THIRD COAST" is a short-form documentary centered around the rising fashion scene in Dallas, Texas, and how Dallas designers are viewed from the perspective of the east and the west coast. I wanted to create something that combined my passion for photography, design, fashion and filmmaking into something that can help or inspire others, Often times artists or designers are looked down upon if they are not from the major cities known for it such as New York City or Los Angeles and this documentary hopes to change that stigma. 


In the bigger picture, this project aims to help show how this industry has changed from one that is dominated with older white-male designers to a growing culture of youth and diversity. Most documentaries centered around fashion are of those who are already established. With this work I wanted to ensure that it covered designers that were just starting to those who had their second runway show. 


This project was for the kids who were ever bullied or felt like they did not belong because they were more interested in art than pursuing a normal career.